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Twilight Canon? What Canon?

Twilight Canon? What canon?
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A community for the non canon pairings of Twilight.


Welcome to Twilight Canon? What Canon? your source for those under loved and hard to find non-canon pairings of the Twilight Saga. This place was created in hopes of shining a huge spotlight on all of those unknown "crack" (and sometimes overly popular *coughjakewardcough*) couples fans have been obsessing over. Here we except all types of couples. Gay, straight. Boy on boy or girl on girl. What ever floats your boat and what ever isn't considered canon in the Twilight verse.

in case you didn't know... a canon pairing is a pairing that can be legitimately proven or highly supported throughout the series (edwardbella, jasperalice, or emmettrosalie to name a few). it can also be confirmed by the author in a real life situation such as an interview.


[1.] Please don't flame.

[2.] All entries must be tagged. It makes it easier for everyone to find things.

[3.] Any type of media is acceptable. (fics, videos, pictures, banners, icons, etc.)

[4.] Please use lj-cut for long posts or posts that contain large pictures or multiple icons.

[5.] If any entry holds explicit content, please set the entry to adult content and make sure it's friends locked.


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