June 27th, 2011


All Is Not Lost

Title: All Is Not Lost
Fandom: Twilight [Canon—AU]
Couple: Pre-Slash—Jakeward, Imprinted (paternal only)—Jacob/Nessie
Rating: G
Warnings: None
rating and warnings are subject to change

Summary: [A Twilight "What if…" fic] – Bella didn't survive Renesmee's birth and Edward was unable to save her. In a world without Bella, the love of his life, Edward struggles to cope with her loss and his new status of a 'single' father. Just when he thinks all hope is lost, he finds help in the most unexpected of places.

"Thanks for helping me tonight…" His voice was soft, hardly above a whisper, but it was because he had just laid Renesmee down. Edward remembered that night, it was just last week. Just before Jacob disappeared.

Jacob lips curled into a smile. A beautiful smile that lit up his whole face. Edward remembered the way it made his still heart seemingly race in excitement because he knew, somehow he knew, that smile was meant for him. "Hey, it's not problem. You know I don't mind helping you out."

Edward had smiled as well, but it wasn't in reply to Jacob's statement. No, it was because Jacob's smile and presence was simply infectious. "Still…it merits a 'thank you'…" There was a pause, an elongated pause between the two men before Edward spoke again. "…I don't know where I'd be without you."

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