May 4th, 2011


One Night

Title: One Night
Couple: Jakeward
Rating: NC17
Warnings: explicit sexual encounter

Summary: He had one night, just one night to fix things between them because he wasn't letting him walk out of his life again.

Edward heaved a soft sigh and finally convinced himself to leave things as they were, he was determined to catch up and mend his relationship with Jacob. He needed the younger man to be in his life, even if there was nothing more than friendship between them. He headed back into the living room, frowning slightly upon seeing that Jacob hadn't yet returned from the bathroom. A prickle of unease ran down his spine and he found himself wondering if everything was alright.

"Edward! I need you in here, please!"

Concern touched Edward's features as he set the two beers on the coffee table and headed for his bedroom, not knowing what he'd find, but hoping Jacob was alright. For all he knew the younger man could've ate some bad fish at dinner or something. He nudged open the door and gasped out loud in surprise. "Jacob!"

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