April 6th, 2011


fic. drabbles

Notes: Written for 20paperplanes:

pairing. marcus/seth
prompt. 020. author/artist choice – crystal clear
theme set. colors
title. crystal clear
words. 177 words
notes/warnings. vampirism.
[ if you are there under the cold water... ]

pairing. marcus/seth
prompt. 009. green
theme set. colors
title. green
words. 290 words
notes/warnings. vampirism.
[ here at the end is where we meet ]

pairing. marcus/seth
prompt. 016. spots
theme set. colors
title. spots
words. 175 words
notes/warnings. vampirism.
[ can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars ]

Notes: Written for twislash_100:

Title: like a million fireflies
Couple: Marcus/Seth
Prompt: #24: home
Word Count: 163 words
[ give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason ]

Title: we once were a dream
Couple: Edward/Jasper
Prompt: #23: "Broke up? We were never together. You wouldn't let me get that close, remember?"
Word Count: 111 words
[ all i need is to be lost in your embrace ]