April 5th, 2011

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moar jakeward ?! ( 2 manips & a graphic )

I love this pairing so much i had to make more graphics of them...
I made several jakeward manips and a graphic!
All are blanks can be used for other graphics/banners with credit!
If you want a banner for a fic or something you should let me know, I'll edit it for you.
Upload to your own server, so everyone can enjoy them!
Please let me know which one(s) you're taking / like, I really appreciate the input!
Put credit where credit is due please!

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Per Possedere Questo

Banner made by every9seconds

Title: Per Possedere Questo
Fandom: Twilight
Couple: obsessive Paul/Jacob, eventual Edward/Jacob
Rating: NC17
Warnings: mild language, graphic sexual situations, blood and gore, violence, failed attempts at horror
warnings are subject to change as the story progresses

Summary: How can I explain this story? It's about a love so passionate, it's worth killing for. It's about a desire for revenge so strong that it's worth dying for. And it's about the will to possess someone and risk everything for the chance to claim ownership over them.

"I didn't see it until she screamed, I hadn’t even heard it approach and they're such noisy monsters…a-anyway, I ran to her. It was too late, of course, I still remember it. I still have nightmares about the wolf standing over her with its blood soaked muzzle, growling softly at me before it leapt at me…"

Her eyes flickered up to Jacob and the man saw a single tear trail leading from her good eye down her cheek. "My grandmother thought I was cursed. She turned me out and I would've died if I hadn't been found by Sam. He saved me and helped me, and he'll help you too whether you're cursed or not."

Jacob stared at her for a long moment, not quite understanding her words. But slowly it dawned on him and he began piecing together what had happened to him. The wounds on his back, the horrible memories...

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Twilight: Last Author Standing

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