January 28th, 2011


Video: I Told you so (Full, jakeward)

Media: Video
Fandom: Twilight

Title: I told you so
 Artist(s): Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis
Vidder: Mia

Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jakeward, Pacob(Paul/Jacob) some Bella/Edward, Billy Black, Alice Cullen

Length: Full

Summary: Edward is torn between two people he cares about the one he truly loves and the one society deems appropriate. His fear and insecurity drive him to choose the wrong one. 

Warning:  slash
Notes: AU/AT- ish, Long storyline ahead. Also I might do a prequel and sequel to this if the inspiration hits any suggestions are welcome.
Dedication :to my first three twilight friends on lj you_ravish_me , starry_nights88 , andavari_maethor 


Would you say Itold you so...