January 7th, 2011


Fic: I Lost Myself to the Moonlight Glow 3/?

Title: I Lost Myself to the Moonlight Glow
Pairing: Edward/Jacob (main), Edward/Bella (beginning), some Bella/Jacob & all other canon pairings
Warnings: this will be slash people so if that does not float your boat don't read this.
Rating: T
Summary: Werewolves are vicious and insane. They care about nothing but the kill and the Moon. They are also lethal to vampires.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, nada, neinte. It all belongs to Stephanie Meyer and whoever publishes the books where you are.
Author's Notes: I am very sorry that it has been so long since my last update. I am blaming, in no particular order, writer's block, a new job, the search for another new job, Christmas and the flu. But I have not abandoned this fic, hence the update. I am sorry that this chapter is somewhat exposition heavy but it is necessary, please bear with me. On another note, just to clarify, I am using the physicality of the actors in the films and not the books for this story. I just don't like the way SM has the pack as such hulking great giants. Other than that... Enjoy!

There is Venom and then there is Venom