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Title: Do What You Have To
Couple: Emmett/Jasper
Prompt: 16: Wolfpack @ twislash_100
Word Count: 315


Jasper knows how much Emmett hates it when he goes to meet with the wolves alone, but Emmett really only has himself to blame, himself and Paul. Stupid as it is neither of them have managed to get past their animosity and it just disrupts things. Jasper and Sam have agreed that neither one is allowed to come to meetings were they aren’t needed.

The truth is Jasper doesn’t like going alone, not that he’s worried about the wolves, but he’s not sure the pack can ever truly not feel like a potential enemy and his soldier instincts know how out numbered he is. Unfortunately the rest of the family is hunting and this meeting cannot wait.

Carlisle is still head of the family but when to comes to a threat, they all look to Jasper. Even the wolves know how valuable Jasper’s skills and instincts are. It’s not a job he asked for but he can do no less for his family, for Emmett, for the wolves though they are certainly the unwanted in-laws.

Jasper doesn’t know enough yet, just what Charlie told him about an usual death- by phone thankfully- with his usual reminder that he doesn’t want to know, but if Jasper knew whether it was a single vampire or a small group he might not be calling on the wolves at all. It’s better for the Cullens to just claim their territory and send interlopers on their way. The wolves on the other hand cannot not abide by anything less than death given the opportunity- it really is an instinct.

Jasper just hopes this can be resolved efficiently, and that some of the family might get back early. The less time Emmett has to stew and the sooner Jasper can begin to make this up to him, the better. Not that Jasper minds making things up to Emmett. Not one bit.

Title: The Album
Couple: Emmett/Jasper
Prompt: #18: photograph for twislash_100
Word Count: 108


In New Hampshire, three years and 2500 miles from Forks, Bella started taking pictures again. The other Cullens paid her no attention- it was quaint really. With their memories they had no use for photographs that only stacked up over the years. Besides, they were busy planning Jasper and Emmett’s first legal wedding.

When Jasper carefully tore the wrapping paper from the album and slowly flipped through the pages he understood. Emmett’s heart filled with gratitude as he turned the album to his family. It was the first time they’d seen each other together, those quiet private moments the rest of the Cullens had been watching for years.

Tags: fanfic: drabble, rating: g, ship: emmettxjasper
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